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Ingredients Records: 50 EP Review

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This well respected label really turn the clock back and provide some vibes that open the door to some all but forgotten memories! Ingredients records deliver a classy EP here to celebrate their 50th vinyl release. Each track is dense and …

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Catching up with Marcus Intalex

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In with their fourth instalment of the year, Soul:R are back with a huge 4 track EP and this time it’s from none other than the head honcho himself, Marcus Intalex. Known for being purveyors of the more underground liquid-rolling sound …

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Bowsar – Hemisphere (CNCSN003)

In Music by Kris Blake1 Comment

Being a die-hard fan of drum and bass means you have to keep up with all aspects whether that’s artists, tunes, events or labels. And it being the flourishing yet tastefully underground scene that it is means a lot of …